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From bleeding edge to leading edge

Strategies to exploit advanced & emerging technologies for competitive advantage


Bathwick provides customised consultancy services to a wide range of clients; the majority of our projects fall into three primary groups:

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CxO advisory

You are a leader. You need to make decisions for your organisation which today, directly or indirectly, involve advanced technologies like AI. We provide direct, personal guidance and support - in person or over the phone, on demand, and/or regular one to one discussions

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Successful customer, market entry, or growth strategies should articulate and employ the distinctive value your organisation can deliver, along with the products, channels, operating models, and capabilities you will need; in an era of rapid technology-driven change, we help illuminate the way ahead

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True innovation is more than a buzzword. Whether you're trying to understand how to generate and exploit rapid change in your organisation, find new market opportunities, or build a start-up, Bathwick helps clients to innovate and build new business


Our main client sectors


The ICT industry

The Bathwick Group has provided research, analysis, and CxO advice to ICT clients across the world. Market, product, and customer strategies, technology futures, thought- leadership and direct customer engagement support our clients in achieving their goals


Energy & Industrial

The energy sector is in considerable flux, heading towards a more sustainable future. Digitisation and data are at the core of making that transition and to serving customers better than ever before. Industrial adoption of automation, IoT and AI is key to productivity and competitive positioning



Supply chain issues, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, urban mobility, sustainable fuels... the list of challenges in the transport sector is long - and most revolve around the adoption of emerging technologies. Bathwick's work combines sector issues, urban challenges, and AI to create a compelling future


Banking & finance

The banking sector is often at the forefront of new technology adoption, but changing mission-critical processes can be slow. We help CxOs understand key future tech developments and how they can be exploited, to ensure readiness and timely adoption


Public sector

Government has a difficult history with IT, both in its adoption and in constructing suitable guidelines for fast-evolving technologies like AI. But data-driven public services (national and local) are key for a sector consistently under cost and resource pressures - and the right regulatory environment can both protect and boost national competitiveness 


Defence & security

The use of emerging and intelligent technologies by a wide range of state and non-state actors is a major challenge. From cybersecurity to autonomous warfare, global exploitation of such tech represents critical challenges to national infrastructure security, defence, and public safety

Some of our larger clients

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The Synaptic World

Bathwick's Synaptic World Model describes a digitised, interconnected world; the acquisition, organisation and exploitation of data in increasingly intelligent and autonomous ways is fundamental to how businesses are evolving, and underpins our advisory work

Find out what it means for you and your organisation

The Synaptic World model describes how the increasingly automated and intelligent interconnection of people, things, and businesses is beginning to resemble a global neural network - changing how businesses operate, how societies work, and how we all live our lives

It’s not just about digitisation and communications - although both are necessary. In a brain, neurons are cells that receive sensory inputs, and send commands to the body. Synapses are junctions between neurons - they are where data is processed, shared, and made useful

The Synaptic World model sees our digital world as operating in a similar way; the intelligent, and increasingly autonomous, use of data is removing barriers between processes, activities, people, and organisations to effect a huge leap in global efficiency and unprecedented changes in market sectors, individual businesses, employment, and society

The model is based on a deep understanding of technologies like IoT and AI, and a world in which the majority of people are connected, mobile, and have profoundly modern expectations.  In its simplest form, the Synaptic World model is about data - its acquisition, organisation, analysis, and intelligent exploitation - and the consequent competitive, privacy, security, and ethical considerations

  • What does the model mean for businesses and the people that lead them? 

  • What do you need to know as a leader to cope with the interconnected complex challenges of the Synaptic World? 

  • How do different value systems in 'digital native' employees and customers impact your strategy and positioning?

  • What does it mean for overall country and regional competitiveness?


Find out what you and your organisation need to do to survive and thrive in a Synaptic World

Key technologies

We work with ICT vendors and major corporates to develop deep understanding of how the key current and emerging technologies underlying the Synaptic World model are developing and being deployed

Bathwick helps clients identify when the bleeding edge will become leading edge - and how to exploit them for real competitive advantage



AI will truly change the world, but understanding how and when for your business is crucial for any CxO


The acquisition and use of data is key to a competitive future, but quality, security and confidence will decide whether you have a gold mine or a white elephant


The efficiency & economic gains made possible by the acquisition of data from things are considerable - but how can you ensure they're realised?

High-performance computing

Big data, Generative AI, supercomputing, simulation... HPC has never been more important. How can your organisation make the most of such tech?

Quantum computing

What opportunities and threats does quantum tech pose to your organisation? What should you know and when will it really happen?


Is the Metaverse another tech red herring or a virtual certainty? What is anything should your organisation be doing about it today?


25 years at the forefront of technology

Since its inception, Bathwick has been providing insights to technology and business leaders on the impact and timeline of emerging technologies on their business sectors, and guidance to leading IT vendors on market dynamics and paths to success. Today, we focus particularly on emerging & future technologies including AI & Machine Learning, Deep Analytics, High Performance Computing, Quantum Tech, and IoT.


Bathwick created the Synaptic Organisation Model in 1997, which was predicated on high bandwidth networks and data exchange standards being available. The model predicted a number of major outcomes, including the rapid growth of Business Process Outsourcing.  From that model, we developed the Connected World research programme which ran from 1999-2009, working with major tech partners including Oracle, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and many others, and more than a dozen universities including Oxford, Edinburgh, UCL, Kings College, Southampton and Leeds Business School.


Today, 25 years on, the Synaptic World is the next logical step and provides us with the unique perspectives we share with our clients. 


Bathwick also has a long-standing sustainability practice, which started in 2006 with our Future Cities research programme. We devised and ran Europe's first Green IT conference in 2008, focussing on how IT companies and users could address sustainability and carbon emission issues in their own footprints. In the last few years, we have worked on ESG and Net Zero issues with clients, particularly in understanding ‘real’ market-led strategies for Net Zero. 


Our clients have included many of the world’s leading IT and services brands including IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Cisco, Accenture, BT, Capita, Ernst & Young, Fujitsu, Intel, Sun Microsystems, KMPG and Vodafone and numerous MNCs mainly in the finance, media, and industrial sectors.  We have also worked with a number of Government departments in the UK, and with the European Union.

Are you ready to grow into the future?

Bathwick's services are uniquely moulded for you and your business. We don't generate cookie-cutter solutions. If you're ready to gain leading insights into how you can exploit emerging technologies in your organisation, or just some simple advice or guidance, contact us today.

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